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Drupal: The New Gov 2.0 Site Builder?


Last month I wrote about how Drupal supports five of the most effective open government sites in

Five Government Sites Using Drupal Effectively for Open Government Initiatives

This month, I discuss how Drupal is close to being the perfect Gov 2.0 solution for savvy agencies and soon, perhaps, a default solution for open government web initiatives.

Drupal excels in the very qualities we are seeking to improve with open government, namely: transparency, accountability, efficiency participation and collaboration. In that sense, it is both a practical tool and a great cultural fit. Its open source roots, transparent community and natively social approach to content management make it a very appropriate choice for open government sites. Most of these five attributes are missing from many government web efforts. Instilling government with these qualities is what the gov 2.0 movement is all about. Here is how Drupal addresses each of them.

Read the full article on GovFresh:


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