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Lift-off Towards Open Government Conference - Brussels

15.12.2010 09:00
16.12.2010 16:30








A conference hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the European Union

The Conference aims to show the achievements of past European eGovernment efforts to date and their impact for citizens and businesses. The main theme of the conference will be 'Open Government', with an emphasis on the implementation of cross-border interoperability in practice.

The conference programme will prominently feature a number of large international projects (Secure IdenTity AcrOss BoaRders LinKed - STORK; Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services - SPOCS;  Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine - PEPPOL; and European Patient Smart Open Services - epSOS) and present the Action Plan 2015, Europe 2020 and The Digital Agenda.

The organisers expect that the two days full of breakout-sessions, a 'Battle of the CEO's', a gala dinner and an exhibition will ensure that this conference is an excellent networking event.

It is worth noting that a pre-conference will be held in Ghent on 14 December 2010. Registration for both the pre-conference and the main conference can be performed online.


How to get there?


Glass Entrance
rue Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels


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