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International Open Data Hackathon

04.12.2010 00:00

At the 4th of December the Open Data Hackathon will be organized. It is a gathering of people in  cities around the world planning events on that day to support and encourage the adoption of open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments. 

On this wikipage you can see all cities where people are planning events. If there is no event near where you live you can put your name on the wiki and host one. Try to keep it one event per city.
At the same day there is the “Random Hacks of Kindness” event which you also might be interested in. Check it out.

5 basic principles of how this is going to work:

It is on Sunday the 4th
Any time, as long as you want.

Ottawa’s open data community attracts a diverse crowd of people to hackathons, with whole families coming out. In the UK groups have done amazing work getting young and diverse group hacking. Veteran hackers have said it over and over again: Our movement is stronger when it is broader.

Anyone can organize a local event
See the wiki list and host an event, if there is no one near your city.

Hack on anything that involves open data
Could be a local app, an Apps for Development submission, scraping data from a government website to make it available for others or even creating your own data catalog of government data.

Idea Sharing
The Idea is to link people who are interestet in open data all over the world. That is why each city's hackathon should do at least one demo, brainstorm, proposal, or anything to share it with the members of a hackathon in at least one other city. Use video stream, skype, chat or anything that permits you an interactive sharing.

What to expect?

A lot will be going on. Expect to

  • Learn more about open data.
  • Find out how your local and national government could do more to release open data.
  • Meet & network with tons of cool people in your city and around the world.
  • Voice your opinion & share your ideas with the people and media attending.
  • Find out about apps being created, and get to play around with them as well.
  • Help out with parts of the conceptualization, creation, design, advertisement and testing of apps.
  • Think about how data can help with global development, and even start a project for Apps for Development.
  • Conduct an open tutorial sessions around designing apps like learning how to customize google maps to show the data you want to show.
  • Have lots and lots of fun.

Bring your Gadgets!

Bring your laptops, mobile phones, phasers set to stun, etc. This event will going to be hands on, so all your wacky geektronics will help you to participate in all the fun. Don’t worry if you don’t bring anything since there will still be tons of stuff to do.

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