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Establishing Transparency in Government with Drupal

The Changing Face of the New York Senate

In 2009, the New York State Senate was put in the difficult position of having to work quickly to minimize interruptions to government continuity

, while not hastily jeopardizing existing institutions. The Senate web site – both highly flawed and highly visible – typified these challenges.

This case study examines how the New York Senate was able to leverage Drupal, a true Content Management System, to restructure their online presence, improve internal collaboration and establish the NY Senate as leaders in the Gov 2.0 space.

“As an Open Source platform, Drupal suits us in a number of ways. Drupal is the result of a passionate community, which I believe is aligned with how our senators view their work with their constituents. With no licensing costs, we feel that we are being responsible with limited taxpayer resources."

- Andrew Hoppin, CIO New York Senate


Read the full case study.

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